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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Update on comments and haloscan


Thanks to the superb investigative work of Andy, Rob and Constantin I now know why it is doing what it is. It seems that when I auto-installed the haloscan engine (which was both comments and trackback) and manually removed the comments code I obviously didn't remove all that I should have.

Apparently, and I have replicated it, the comments links on my home page are blogger, but if you come to any of my posts via a direct link you get the haloscan comments. Argghh!!!

Constantin has put me on to blogsome.com and I've registered a "bettercomms" blog. It comes complete with trackback and commenting in the one place, based as it is on WordPress. Many thanks again, Big C, for your help.

Constantin also looked at my website css, and there are a few issues there. But on reflection, the design is 18 months old anyway, so it's probably due for a new paint job. Now that Allan has shamed us all with his superb offering, I guess I have no option but to re-look at my site. Damn your hide, Jenkins!! I'm telling mother... {smile}