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Thursday, August 18, 2005

DataFace: oh how wrong can you get it?

Joshua Manishankar put me onto this site from his interesting article on Deception via verbal and nonverbal gestures.

I don't normally slam someone's efforts, after all we all started somewhere and slamming someone doesn't help them grow.


DataFace is so atrociously bad as a website that I almost cannot link to it, for fear that I might drive traffic to them for all the wrong reasons. As Thomas à Becket once asked, "Is it better to do the right thing for the wrong reason, or the wrong thing for the right reason?" But here's the link anyway - viewer beware.

What is so wrong with the site? Well, go there and tell me what level of professionalism, trust and ability to solve your headache they are communicating? ('music', for goodness sake!)

Allan Jenkins and I have been enjoying a series of emailed reminiscing moments about the early days of the web -- gray backgrounds, TimesRoman text, no Internet Explorer just Mozilla... I thought sites like DataFace's disappeared over 6 years ago.

Take away thought:
If you don't update your website's look and feel every 18 months you risk being taken for an amateur. Increasingly web-savvy guests to your site will compare their experience on your site with the hundreds of others they visit -- if you don't meet the standards they have come to expect then they are much more likely to click away from you. Very quickly.