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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Crisis management: would your Legal department even allow you to run a blog?

I've been following the conversation with Kryptonite's Donna and Shel over at 'Once Was Red Couch' and it struck me that one of my major clients has the potential to run the same risk as Donna did, albeit for different reasons.

As Shel & Neville commented on today's FIR, blogs are a channel that allow any company almost-instant access to the public. My particular client has a presence on two websites (one their own, one a third-party reseller). They have much greater access to changing the content on their own website than that of their reseller's. But even changing their own website is a major change process, involving different teams and the obligatory Legal sign-off.

Perhaps it is only CEOs or other extremely influential power-owners (such as GM's Lutz) that can deliver any communication via an unregulated channel. Corporate lawyers everywhere must be shivering in their socks...