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Friday, August 12, 2005

Blogger, haloscan, comments, trackbacks… argghh!!!!

Here's the thing… I added trackback facilities to this blog a few weeks ago, courtesy of haloscan (as blogger.com accounts don't have a trackback feature). It works fine for me --- I trackback to others' posts and all is well.

But then I saw that folks were commenting on my posts but the posts weren't showing up on my blog - they were being captured by haloscan.

Yet whenever I look at my blog and try to add a comment to see what is going on, I am able to leave a comment via blogger - hence the comment shows up on my blog.

A scan through the comments left on my blog and captured by haloscan shows that this capture is still going on - right up to and including now. Yet I cannot see how this can be happening.

So I'm wondering if it is an Internet Explorer versus A.N. Other browser issue.

I use IE, as the client I am working at uses it and all of my clients do too. But if I use, say, Firefox or Opera, does the browser open up the Haloscan commenting engine, not the blogger engine? My own copy of Firefox still shows blogger comments.

Screen grabs by anyone who is able to comment via Haloscan would be REALLY appreciated! I don't want to disable trackbacks if at all possible, but if this continues I may have to.

I know, Constantin and Alan, I should look at moving off blogger, but as I have commented privately before, I have my reasons for staying with a free service - one of which is the considerable leverage I get from having a blog address with 'bettercomms' in it. "Bettercomms dot blogspot dot com" rolls very nicely off the tongue - handy for listeners to my podcast remembering where to go to post a comment or read my blog…

So any move to another service would HAVE to involve a strong consideration of the pnemonics of the new address.


And speaking of IE versus Firefox -- anyone with a CSS bent out there who is willing to look at my style sheet and let me know why my website looks different in the two browsers would be my eternal friend. Using what I believe is standards-compliant CSS, my site looks great (my own view, your mileage may vary) in IE but looks ugly in Firefox, particularly the left-hand menu rollover and the amount of white space on the right margin.

If you can help me it would be fantastic -- I would have pulled my hair out by now, but as my photo shows I have none!