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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ben's amazing offer

After much deliberation and forum discussions, I am going to take Ben Hamilton up on his incredibly kind offer.

Ben is launching a hosting service in Queensland, Australia (Dynamic Web Hosting) and has offered me free hosting in exchange for an unbiased view of his service.

I am free to blog praise or blame, whichever I feel appropriate. Having established a bit of a relationship with him, and been a long-time reader of his own blog (even in it's previous incarnation - which I will let him point to if he wants), I have the feeling that the hosting service will be a great experience.

All I have to do now is decide which is better:
  • have 'leehopkins.com' point to the blog
  • have 'blog.leehopkins.com' point to the blog and keep 'leehopkins.com' pointing to my website

If you have any views, please post them here. Naturally, I will pop a redirect on this blog to divert all traffic to the new WordPress blog (and Ben will help me import all of my blogger posts onto my new blog).

With the news that blogger is in the sights of at least one search engine (thanks, Shel) the timing is sweet.

Yes, Allan and Constantin, my blogger days are numbered.