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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Why podcasting won't go away

I was listening to Neville and Shel's very kind comments about my weekly report on FIR #49 this evening and something they said about the difference between the voice and the written word struck me.

They are, of course, right; podcasting won't go away.

It won't go away precisely because there are inflections and meanings that can be communicated by voice that just cannot be replicated in print (or screen/blog).

I can archly comment on something, enthusiastically endorse something else, bury my sarcasm deep (but not so deep as to be unnoticed) on something else.

All through the power of the voice as a communication channel.

As they said, some podcasters are able to express more of their personality through the spoken word than through the written. I may be able to express my knowledge through the written word, but it is the spoken word that emphasises the importance or relevancy of that knowledge. It is the spoken word that is able to communicate more than just mere knowledge (because knowledge is not enough to survive these days).

In business, no matter what your business is, you need to be able to communicate. You can communicate through various mediums: print, screen, iconography, visual design... and through voice.

Neville and Shel's podcasts are knowledge-fests; Adam Curry's are entertainment-fests; my little podcasts and audio reports are hopefully a hybrid of the two.

And I am grateful for the opportunity to express my knowledge through the medium of my voice.