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Friday, July 29, 2005

Thank you's

Just wanted to say 'thank you' to some very kind folks who mentioned me even though I had dropped off the radar.

Heidi Miller very kindly mentions my blog and podcast in her Diary of a Shameless Self-Promoter #15 podcast. Heidi just gets better and better at this podcasting thing - as indeed a professional presenter should. If you haven't already caught her shows, you need to catch up. NOW.

The marvellous Shel Holtz mentions me in an extremely erudite (as always) post on why 'amateur' podcasting won't die and he continues to keep me amused over at his travel blog (hey, Shel: guess who is going to be staying in Melbourne in December in a hotel with a proper ironing board and iron?!). I'll be back recording shows for FIR and my own podcast next week, Shel.

And thanks again, Seth, for sending me that ebook. It lead me to ChangeThis and some superb manifestos, including Tom Peters (I had stopped reading him for some reason, lack of time to read everything I want to read probably). His TomA[h]to manifesto is superb!

Normal posting/recording will resume next week.

And yes, the holiday (nearly two weeks instead of the planned one) was superb. It helped me realign some aspects of my life, including organising how I am going to fit in two Masters subjects this semester as well as cope with podcasting, blogging, husbanding, fathering, customer servicing, reading, thinking...

One of my decisions was to not post as often, and perhaps reduce my own podcasts to fortnightly. Let me know what you think...

p.s. and it was great to see a great web designer's business is growing. I worked with Darren on a project and he's a fantastic designer.