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Monday, July 11, 2005

Podcasting: a waste of time? Not in my books...

Dave Taylor has a fascinating think-piece on the valuelessness of podcasting as a business promotional tool.

What's of interest is not just Dave's views (always a good read) but also those of the commentors ("commentators"?).

Having worked in radio as a DJ and producer for a couple of years I agree with David Lawrence that the poorly-produced shows will die once the novelty wears off -- people are going to come back to what radio has learned to do so well, which is package and brand.

Doing the 'radio' things -- like proper intros, outros, signature tunes, audio inserts, etc -- doesn't have to mean 'selling out' (maaan), but it can raise the professionalism of the production and make it easier for the listener.

And I get favourable reviews of my own podcast on other blogs, which drives traffic to both my blog and my website. So all in all a useful business promotional tool for me...