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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Podcasting gets professional

One of the subscribers to my blog, Donna Papacosta over at Trafalgar Communications, belongs to an interesting group that I didn't realise existed - the International Nanocasting Alliance.

Recognising that internet radio is different from terrestrial radio, and keeping 'podcasting' in its grass roots corner, the INA is encouraging professional broadcasters to consider the internet as a way of transversing global markets (a totally different audience from the broadcaster's local market) with different business models and different audience attraction and maintenance issues.

Rather than deliver content to a broad audience (hence 'broadcasting'), the INA works with broadcasters to deliver nano content -- content delivered to a very small but highly interested audience.

If you are a professional broadcaster looking for a way of narrow-casting to a specific audience (and an audience reach that has a business model attached to it) you should check out the INA.

And if you are in Canada and are looking for a seasoned, highly experienced communicator to sculpt your message, you might want to check out Donna's resume (pdf).