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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Podcasting: a fabulous how-to guide and a sceptic's view

Thanks to young master Rubel for this.

Kirk McElhearn has put together a fantastic 'how to' on creating a podcast. Kirk goes into mics, Audacity, publishing and links to other resources. Great reading!

Update: I was listening to Heidi Miller's great (as usual) podcast this morning and amid the noise of the rabble that makes up my travelling companions heard her mentioning something about a great podcasting article. It turns out, having just scanned her show notes, that the very same Mr McElhearn has published a shortened version of the above article over at his own blog, kirkville. Apols to the ever-delightful Heidi for not putting the two together earlier!

And to balance that, Mark Cuban has a scathing view of podcasting as a business tool, asking us to consider history before we proclaim podcasting as the 'next big thing'. The comments he has attracted also make this a fascinating read. (thanks to blogspotting for the 'heads-up')