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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

OneNote as a blogging tool

I've had Microsoft's OneNote software since I got office 11, but apart from installing it once and not understanding it, I haven't touched it.

So when I came across Chris Pratley's blog on OneNote (via Scoble) I reasoned that I really ought to get back in touch with this note-taking software.

Others had commented before to me about how useful it was. I am rather skilled in Word, and use UltraEdit as my text editor of choice, rather than Notepad (a hangover from my html coding days when Notepad would put all sorts of bizarre page breaks into code), and so saw no value in learning yet another sophisticated text editor.

That was before I read Pratley's blog.

Now I see that OneNote is far more than a note-taking tool. As Pratley intimates, it's a Knowledge Management tool.

Yes, it's yet another piece of software I need to learn, but if it helps me organize my life better, then rock on!