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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Myers and great customer communication

Really impressed with Myers.

I bought a new headset mike a couple of weeks ago, after my trusty unknown-brand headset snapped in two.

The new Sony DR-220 headset worked fine for a day, then started really playing up. The sound lost its bottom end and the entire mic audio starting wavering in and out.

But I had thrown the receipt away with the packaging (after all, it did work when I tried it) so I totally understood when the nice chap at the sales desk apologized but said he couldn't accept my headset back and replace it with a working one.

As he said, he needed the original receipt to prove to the manufacturer/wholesaler that it was under warranty.

I was disappointed, as I had spent $60 on it, but I totally understood the sales person's position.

I wandered down to 'Information' to see if there was any hope of an appeal process. So they contacted a senior manager, Michael, who came down and 'checked my story out'.

To his credit (as far as I am concerned) he accepted the headphones back as a 'return' and gave me a $60 gift voucher so that I could go and purchase another headset.

To me this demonstrated great customer care.

He was able to discern that I was genuine and not trying to return something they hadn't sold me. He didn't know that I was a shareholder of his company (and neither did he need to know).

But what impressed me most was not his sympathy for my situation, but that he chose to override the company's returns policy and solve a customer's problem.

In my eyes, he communicated more about the values of Myer than any glossy brochure full of marketing BS ever could.

Myer is currently facing a challenge for market share from a rival upper-market department store chain David Jones. But here in Adelaide, on a sunny, wintery Tuesday afternoon, one manager named Michael sold me on continuing to shop at Myers.