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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Holoscan has deleted my comments

Thanks to the ever-wonderful Alan Jenkins and the marvellous Stuart Bruce for pointing me towards haloscan for trackback thingies.

Hmmm -- have added Haloscan's trackback facility (which gets bundled with Commenting) but it has wiped any previous comments to my posts.

As the famous Toyota ad says down here, "bugga!"

Might have to visit haloscan again to figure out how to undo the commenting change.

Update: have sorted it now, with help from blogger help and haloscan user forums. The old comments are back...

And the ever-helpful Andy Beacock has also let me know he's put haloscan's trackback facility on his blog, so if I need any help... Cheers, Andy!

Typical, isn't it? Saw trackbacks on others' blogs and determined that I needed that facility on my own. Finally get it installed... do you think I can find many blogs that have trackback urls to their posts? More often than not they don't. But at least I now have the facility, anyway...