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Friday, July 08, 2005

CastBlaster - thoughts so far...

Downloaded Adam Curry's CastBlaster beta and have given it a quick run-through.

Great tool that would no doubt be of value to podcasters who, as Todd Cochrane says, record live to the hard drive. But there's another type of podcaster, one who employs the cross-time recording capabilities that downloadable audio allows.

For example, in recording my report for The Hobson and Holtz Report, I may record different segments at different times. I also edit out my umms and ahhhs and bits that don't 'work' like words running into each other, mispronunciations, and so on.

A simple 7 or 8 minute report can take up to 3 hours to record and edit -- but I choose to take that amount of time for three reasons:
  1. Out of respect for this show and its owners
  2. Out of respect for its audience
  3. Because I detest delivering shoddy work
I therefore use SoundForge to record and edit my voice, then Audacity to mix the various elements together and output to mp3.

But I can definitely see a use for CastBlaster and its 'live to the harddrive' paradigm for putting together my own Better Communication Results podcast and I'll give it a try for my next show.