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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Blogs versus website articles - a case of delayed gratification over spontaneity

A friend was asking me about why I have just posted some fresh articles on my website, since I spend most of my writing time blogging.

"Because of the long tail" I answered. "Blogs are great for meeting my spontaneous needs to communicate. But full articles, rather than blog posts, are where I get to crack my knuckles, spread my fingers, and write at a deeper level.

"Article writing is a form of delayed gratification. It seems to take much longer for the search engines to catch up with articles on my website than it does posts on my blog. But the resultant stream of traffic to my website lasts longer than a (usually) flying visit by readers of my blog."

This long-tail effect is also why I take the effort to submit my articles to article databases. One good article can generate quite a few long-term links into my website, whereas a blog post is only good for a day or two.

Blogs are great for immediately satisfying my need to communicate, full articles on my website are better for the delayed gratification of traffic that is more enduring.

Blogs: easy to write; appeal to my spontaneous nature
Articles: harder to write; appeal to the rewards that can come from delayed gratification

Whilst they are much harder to write, the sense of satisfaction that comes from writing a complete article, posting it on an articles database and having it rated by others is fantastic. For example, I am a 'Platinum Expert Author' over at Ezine Articles (that's only one rank less than 'Galactic Imperial Space Commander', allegedly).

I use Jason Potash's EzineAnnouncer to submit my articles to the various article databases; to great effect, I might add. He has just announced a new tool -- ArticleAnnouncer (audio interview about it here; look for the post titled, "Oh no… here come the critics!") -- which looks really cool, and I may have to lash out and give it a go.