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Thursday, June 09, 2005

THIS is why external blogging is so important

Steve Rubel has an interesting find.

He's #3 on Google for 'Kensington Locks'. Who are Kensington Locks? The locks that the majority of laptop owners around the western world use to secure their laptops -- and there's a video doing the online rounds showing how to break a Kensington lock really easily, with just scissors, duct tape and a toilet roll.

{Update 14th June: Today the post you are currently reading is #4 on a search for 'kensington locks' at icerocket.com}

If you remember, Kryptonite (the bike lock people) suffered a similar fate wherein within 6 days the whole blogging world (currently 31.6 million of us and exploding) found out that their 'totally unbreakable' locks could be easily broken with a Bic ballpoint. It cost Kryptonite over US$10M and incalculable damage to their reputation. (For more info on the Kryponite fiasco, scroll down this blog til you find the text ': THE KRYPTONITE FACTOR'; it's about 1/4 way down the scroll).

They could have easily avoided the resultant PR and brand equity meltdown if they had been paying attention to the online blogging world.

Rubel's post needs reading -- then perhaps it will become clearer why we need to blog externally to customers, if for no other reason than to have some say or impact on Google results.