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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Passion versus mere ability: is knowing more the answer?

Great post from Kathy Sierra over at Creating Passionate Users on being better at something and getting a buzz from being better at it.

She points out that what matters in business is not what you sell, but what you teach. Teach people about your product and/or industry and they will want to engage more with you. More engagement equals more sales, which in turn equals more sense of enjoyment for you.

She uses the example of Red Bull: not content with doing what every other soft drink company would do (give free drinks to DJs at nightclubs), they have set up the Red Bull Music Academy to 'give back' to its target community. In return, you can bet they foster some passionate advocates in that community. Passion very often converts into unpaid evangelism. Unpaid, unsponsored, 'from the heart no strings attached' evangelism often leads to massive sales.

Great reading.

When YOU communicate, are you talking at people or are you engaging them in an educative process?