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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Is blogspot a bad neighbourhood to be seen in?

Allan Jenkins has decided to remove himself as much as possible from the world of blogger.com and blogspot blogs, citing spam as the principle reason.

Firstly, I am envious that he is trafficked enough to get comment spam.

Secondly, in email discussion with him, he assures me that he will still link to me, as a industry colleague, but will look at whether to link to other blogspot accounts, or other free hosting services that seem to originate lots of comment spam.

Allan suggests I move to a nicer neighbourhood. I am flattered that he believes I warrant a nicer view, but I haven't noticed any bad smell myself.

But the idea of moving -- moving my posts across to a new host, and more importantly moving my audio-tag url -- is 'BIG'.

After all, "bettercomms.blogspot.com" is easy to remember, methinks/hopes.

Sure, I can easily adjust my feedburner feed. I am confident I have the tech nouse to be able to program in an auto-redirect from my blogspot account to the new address. But I worry what branding implications there are.

I also have personal reasons why I would want to continue to avail myself of the facilities of a free blog host. Sure, it's frustrating not having trackbacks and easily-identified permalinks on my blogspot account, but I can live with it.

As Allan points out, there is an idea now circulating that blogger is becoming the 'hotmail' of the blogosphere -- large, free and full of spammers. But I am daily amazed at how many people I come across in my work/personal life who use a hotmail account. The spam must drive them insane, but they stick with it.

Until my website host (SiteSell) installs 'full monty' blogging software (and the owner has commented in private forums that this is unlikely to happen, as he doesn't believe blogs hold long-term promotional value for website owners) then I am unlikely to move from my free blogspot account -- unless someone is going to pay for me to have a typepad or other such account.

But it strikes me strange that the only people I can find complaining about comment spam are typepad bloggers...

--- Update ---
...and another thing about typepad: why is it that only typepad blogs (and not all of them, all the time, but certainly the ones I usually visit most, like Allan's and Neville's) give me Internet Explorer script error messages in my feedreader, so that I have to click 'yes' to 'continue running scripts on this page' if I want to read what they've posted?