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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Internal blogging without RSS capabilities not a viable option

Without a simple, no-fuss way of updating 'subscribers' to new content on a blog, 85% of the worth of internal blogging disappears out the window.

But blogging to the external world, outside of the organisation, still would be of tremendous value.

In an ideal world, I would roll out Contribute across key content managers (the managers of each team - e.g. claims, membership processing, admin, IT support, Cust Svc, etc.,) and let every employee blog via Roller, internal blogs only for most, external blogs allowed for key contributors.

Mind you, the whole point of external blogging is to enter into human conversation with others outside of our company. Constraining those external bloggers by having to run everything through Legal or PR functions defeats the whole idea - the general public are sick of corporate language (aka 'marketing puke') and want to be spoken to in a human voice.