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Saturday, June 04, 2005

GreatNews - update on user trial

Well, I've been playing with GreatNews for over an hour now, with mixed reactions.

I've imported my BlogExpress feeds, and rearranged them into channels in a style directly ripped off from Allan {smile}; instead of "First cup, Second cup" and so on, I have "Cappuccino; Darjeeling; English Breakfast and Green Tea". I must say it is a delight to organise myself this way, so thanks Allan for the idea...

Likes: the two-column layout; the ease of managing the channels; the feeds I receive from Shel and Allan are now full, not tiny.

BCR blog branding lozenge Dislikes: the graphic branding lozenges I created for my podcast and blog feeds don't appear in GreatNews whereas they did in BlogExpress; the order of feeds within a channel is dictated by whether the first letterBCR podcast branding lozenge of the feed title is upper or lower case -- so Shel's 'a shel of my former self' was steadfastly at the bottom of my cappuccino channel until I went through a couple of hoops to rename it in caps. I also miss BlogExpress' neat way with tabs, which GreatNews doesn't feature.

So I am heavily leaning towards changing to GreatNews as my blog aggregator.

I'll keep trying it for a few more hours/days and see if the novelty wears off...