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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Colours MEAN something!

Colours are powerful communicators.

Colours in our communications can affect our moods and our understanding. Knowing what colours represent to our viewers helps us understand why fast-food chains use lively oranges, yellow, and reds, and why the cool, tranquilizing blues and greens and the earth tones of navy, burgundy and chocolate are in airlines.

Research has shown that colour can even effect the IQ scores of children.

So below I present a list of colours (because after much jiggery-pokery of the dual overhead flanging scrumptionshiner this blog software cannot handle tables, it seems), with what moods they create and what symbolic messages they convey.

Colour: Red
Moods: Hot, affectionate, angry, defiant, contrary, hostile, full of vitality, calm, tender
Symbolic Meaning: Happiness, lust, intimacy, love, restlessness, agitation, royalty, rage, sin, blood

Colour: Blue
Moods: Cool, pleasant, leisurely, distant, infinite, secure, transcendent, calm, tender
Symbolic Meaning: Dignity, sadness, tenderness, truth

Colour: Yellow
Moods: Unpleasant, exciting, hostile, cheerful, joyful, jovial
Symbolic Meaning: Superficial glamour, cowardice, sun, light, wisdom, masculinity, royalty (in China), age (in Greece), prostitution (in Italy), famine (in Egypt)

Colour: Orange
Moods: Unpleasant, exciting, disturbed, distressed, upset, defiant, contrary, hostile, stimulating
Symbolic Meaning: Sun, truthfulness, harvest, thoughtfulness

Colour: Purple
Moods: Depressed, sad, dignified, stately
Symbolic Meaning: Wisdom, victory, pomp, wealth, humility, tragedy

Colour: Green
Moods: Cool, pleasant, leisurely, in control
Symbolic Meaning: Security, peace, jealousy, hate, aggressiveness, calm

Colour: Black
Moods: Sad, intense, anxiety, fear, despondent, dejected, melancholy, unhappy
Symbolic Meaning: Darkness, power, mastery, protection, decay, mystery, wisdom, death, atonement

Colour: Brown
Moods: Sad, not tender, despondent, dejected, melancholy
Symbolic Meaning: Melancholy, protection, autumn, decay, humility, atonement

Colour: White
Moods: Joy, lightness, neutral, cold
Symbolic Meaning: Solemnity, purity, femininity, humility, joy, light, innocence, fidelity, cowardice