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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Same group, different headspace

The client I'm working for is part of a larger group.

The larger group is updating its intranet by means of, it would seem, a simple paint job (change the graphical furniture, change some colours, change the page layout).

The intranet site I had created for my client is far more sophisticated and content-rich than the (largely unused) group intranet site.

It seems that my site has ruffled some feathers.

But a useful series of telecons and emails may have presented a solution -- co-locate my client's intranet site on the same server as the group intranet site, link from one to the other, and complete a relatively simple change to the Dreamweaver templates that created my client's site.

We'll see if the technical bods at Group HQ find it a feasible workaround, especially as I am keen to introduce the following tools:
  • Contribute 3 as a way of creating quasi-blogs (useful as a way of getting the client used to the idea, then proposing they purchase 'proper' blogging software to host)
  • RSS feeds (I have no idea on the underyling technology behind RSS feeds, just that they work brilliantly. That's why there are tech boffins at GHQ - and if they don't know I know a resource to attack)
  • Podcasting for the MD to keep in touch with her crew (she goes OS and interstate heaps) and I reckon a weekly podcast from her will help the 'engagement' figures