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Monday, May 09, 2005

De.licio.us not working for me

Having had a spare 20 minutes up my sleeve, I thought I'd try out de.licio.us.

Registered, got the obligatory registration email, logged in. But despite several mentions in the site's 'About' and other pages, I cannot find the small bookmarklet to install.

Have I missed something, or does the bookmarklet no longer exist?

I love the idea and would love to use it, but for now I'll stick with my old but beloved Webmonkey (AtHoc) toolbar.


Okay, I have now got the bookmarklets, and I am now adding pages to my list.

Frustratingly, it takes a while for these new pages to show up. But they are showing up, so that's good news, hey?


Nah, the interface is still too hard. I just love the blogrolling interface - One click, pop-up window to handle it all. Much better...