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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Communication strategy - almost there

At the start of my third week on this project and I'm almost there...

A couple of minor things to sort out and then I am going to put together a Director presentation (because PowerPoint doesn't let me do the funky stuff that Director does!)

One of the issues to be sorted out is whether to purchase MoveableType and install on our server, use TypePad for external hosting (but, if I can figure it out, secure so that the world and Technorati can't get to the content) or go down my original flat html-and-Contribute route.

There's pros and cons for each course, but the Contribute route has presented the biggest headache so far: without hosting my client's intranet on a 'proper' web server (but instead just as a file in a folder on a windows fileserver) there is no way that any feedreaders can get to any xml file on the fileserver.

So the knowledge-sharing component of my strategy gets derailed because of a lack of any way to notify interested parties to new content available at individual blogs. Instead, they would have to manually go to each blogger's page and decide if there is new content there, and if so if it is relevant - a large cognitive load for a busy call centre operator or claims processor.

As always, my proposal will also incorporate a significant educative component -- what ARE blogs and podcasts and WHY would a business want to use them? I've got to take senior management down the path of understanding the WHY first before I can ask them to make a commitment or go to battle with my client's owner's IT group.

I can't remember who's blog it was that talked about it, but the cure for insomnia, they said, was to spend time discussing bandwidth with their IT folk... I'd add that it is a sure-fire way to raise my blood pressure -- having any discussion with IT on getting a commitment to allow an increase in bandwidth usage.