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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

And then there is REAL stupidity...

I couldn't believe this when I read it. A friend in the UK emailed me with the content of a 'discussion' they'd had with their IT department.

It seems that any 'out of office' auto-reply set up on the company's email client only gets sent to in-house addresses.

Which means that if my friend Peter sets up a "sorry, I'm on holidays for a month" autoreply then only his work colleagues in the same company will get the message. Anyone from outside the company who sends Peter an email won't get any response.

Not surprisingly, upon finding this 'feature' of the email client software he contacted his IT department. He was told to 'log a fault' wherein he received an autoreply advising him it would be approximately 5 working days before he got another auto-email outlining the progress of his 'fault'.

Peter comments:

Have to update you to say that I received a call telling me that "this is the way it is". I was actually told that I should send out a message to my customers before I was going on holiday to let them know I would be away. Fine for someone like me who has one company/multiple contacts but what about the account managers who have hundreds of accounts and millions of contacts????

And as we all know, everything communicates - even silence. It just doesn't
necessarily communicate what you want it to.