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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

IABC - a first impression

Having now swelled the illustrious ranks of the IABC, induced in no small part by Nifty Nev and Shakin' Shel's wholehearted endorsement of the organisation, I am able to report on my first impressions.

"Very" is a word that springs to mind.

The resources available are impressive -- I haven't had time to wander aimlessly through the books and material available for purchase, but certainly a few quick clicks of my mouse enabled me to print off a swag of great articles for reading on the bus.

Sure, a couple of the articles are 'magaziney' in feel (as in a little light on 'how to' and a bit too much like articles you'd find in House & Garden), but some were absolute corkers!

I've committed what many of my peers would consider heresy -- I've read the $#@^ing manual on MyComms before actually starting work on producing a Comms plan with it. Once I start the project proper I'll get to put my reading into practice. Stay tuned!

So all in all, my first impression is very positive.

Living as I do in Adelaide, there's no 'chapter' for me to join, so I join the ranks of the 'members at large'. [I wonder if it is a comment on my waist size? Has my wife been talking to them behind my back?] But no doubt there will be plenty of opportunities to find IABC colleagues here in Australia at an appropriate time.

So thanks, Nev & Shel, for recommending the organisation to me. You are indeed good ambassadors.