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Friday, April 01, 2005

A division will ariseth...

Listening to one of Adam Curry's Daily Source Code podcasts today, and especially where he recommended a link on his show notes off to Amazon with his affiliate link in it so he can show that podcasting can make money, I was struck by the thought that blogging and podcasting will, in the next year or two, evolve in the same way that the web has -- into two different mainstream camps.

There will be those for whom blogging and podcasting will remain a much-loved hobby. And there will be those whose income stream and business branding requires them to podcast and blog.

But the vast majority of those currently blogging and, especially, podcasting, will find the amount of time and energy required to blog and podcast too much.

Their ROI will be insufficient to justify the demands in light of competing demands such as sleeping, eating, spending time with the family, earning money to pay bills, etc., etc.

I know that there is an increasingly large amount of tumbleweed blowing through blogspace; no doubt courageous, witty and resource-intensive podcasts will start to fall by the wayside shortly as their creators run out of steam (creative, financial and time).