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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Technology, schmechnology...


I listened to Shel & Neville's interview with Steve Rubel and found Steve's feed really low in the mix.

So was about to rattle off a quick post about using SoundForge and 'Normalise' to quickly bring up volume levels, but just wanted to check my 'how to' post.

Imagine my annoyance when I found that my MX version of SoundForge doesn't have the lovely presets that my SF version 4 has?!

Instead of a very simple process for normalising/compressing to a suitable level for speech, the MX version has a *very* convoluted workaround.

So I might reinstall my old version 4.

BUT --- version 4 doesn't save to mp3 format, whereas MX does...

So I may well have to keep BOTH versions on my system - v4 for quickly editing and bringing the audio to a suitable level, then MX for saving as an mp3.

How wasteful is that???

Anyone got a useful workaround?