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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Podding before podding was even known...

Having just listened to seven of Shel & Nev's superb podcast in the last week (just love my mp3 player and the bus trip into work), I suddenly realised that I was podcasting before the term was even on anyone's horizon.

Back in 1997-99 I was working for Rupert Murdoch's startup webplay, LineOne.net, as the Producer of the Business channel. I used to catch the first train out of Guildford every morning and record a 'Morning Business News' report which we streamed out as a Real Audio file, as well as made available as an mp3.

Now that I am across the other side of the world in sunny Adelaide, Australia, I am looking at podcasting again -- I even found my old theme tune, which I may well use again as my intro music (because it brings back lovely furry memories for me of London and LineOne).

In the meantime I investigate how to 'sell' the idea of podcasting and blogging to corporates and SMEs here in Adelaide... thanks for another Lee's blog yesterday on this.

Now I find that I've been mentioned in Shel & Nev's podcast - I've just downloaded it and look forward to the bus trip back home tonight!