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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Podcasting in business - why should I?

Podcasting can save the busy executive from the tedium of countless non-productive hours. Here's how...

Let's consider the average manager or executive.

They receive 60-70 emails a day, links to spreadsheets and pages on the company intranet, links to other websites...

Then they take a trip to another city. Hop on a plane... but now what?

If they're in 'cattle class' there's not enough room to swing a cat, let alone open their laptop.

They could probably read some of the material their colleagues sent them, but there's no printer available so unless they printed off the equivalent of 'War & Peace' before they left they are stuck with the airline magazine. Interesting, but...

But if they brought their mp3 player with them they can listen to that!

And on that mp3 player they could listen to:
  • A recent presentation the MD gave to the investment community
  • An update on sales figures from an affiliate organisation
  • A synopsis of KPI performance by the executive's own division
  • News and commentary from leading online broadcasters relevant to the executive's own industry
  • A few really nice tunes to help take your mind off your troubles!

But how do you get this sort of material (apart from the tunes, of course!)?


  • The sound guy at the MD's presentation saves the speech as a digital file.
  • Adam in Finance reads the sales figures into a cheap microphone attached to his computer. A few clicks of his mouse and he's saved the file as an mp3.
  • Rob in Admin reads the performance stats into a cheap microphone attached to his computer. A few clicks of his mouse...
  • The executive has some inexpensive podcasting software on their desktop, which with a few clicks of their mouse automatically collects relevant sound files and downloads them onto the executive's mp3 player.
  • And the executive transfers some songs from a favourite cd onto their computer, then with a few simple clicks of their mouse transfers them to the mp3 player.

So what sort of software can handle all of this?

For recording the speech files and converting them to mp3 format:
Audacity (www.audacity.com)

For notifying other interested parties that the sound files are available:
RSS technology - Feedspring (www.feedspring.com)

For downloading the mp3 files:
Doppler (www.dopplerradio.net)

For automatically loading them onto an mp3 player:
see your mp3 player software

For reading blogs and other text-based RSS feeds:
BlogExpress (www.useablelabs.com)