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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Performance accountability for a corporate communicator

If we take as granted that the role of the corporate communicator is to add value to the dialogic exchange between a company and its constituent audiences, then how does one measure one's own performance?

Is it by how many printed or pdf'd newsletters we get out in a period?

Is it by reader response metrics, like "Did you receive our in-house newsletter?" and "Did you read it?"

Is it by how many blogs per week, or podcasts, we write/produce?

Is it by increased takeup of most wanted responses (MWRs) such as new procedural directives or customers responding to 'call/write us' initiatives?

We cannot rely on just consumer sales or in-house work process conversions alone, since multiple factors usually impinge on the data -- like other DM initiatives, POS material or in-house managerial pressure.

Where does the role of a communication pro end and a marketing/PR pro begin? Is there, indeed, any division? If there is a division does the Communications Professional risk playing 'second fiddle' to PR and Marketing pros?

So how DO we value ourselves and our contributions to the marketplace and our clients/employers?

How do YOU value yourself? I'd love to hear your views...