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Thursday, March 24, 2005

A brave new world

Had an interesting challenge and surprising result from a potential client yesterday.

They are looking at building a website for their new venture and have already gone out to the marketplace for quotes.

What stunned them was the costs they were facing -- and all from developers who were looking to build a website, not build to a communication strategy.

So I took them through the discussion that I take all of my clients -- that the 'visual' is the LAST place to start; that you first start with defining your USP then analysing that usp and associated keyphrases against search phrase trend metrics.

Warning them that they needed to run, not walk, from developers who give their prospects visuals first and no discussion of strategy, I explained that it is absolutely pointless to spend thousands of dollars building a website when no one is going to find it in the search engines.

I let them know in no uncertain terms that they will need to relentlessly update their site with more and more content, and that they need to look at multiple delivery channels.
All of this surprised and delighted them. They even understood why I charge so much [smile].
But when I talked about blogging, a term they hadn't heard of, and explained to them the business potential, they were REALLY excited!

Surprisingly, this fledgling business 'got it', whereas more established businesses, perhaps because of entrenched views on what 'marketing' means, don't get it.

Who knows if this prospect will come back to do business with me? I do know, however, that there is hope for those of us who are attempting to 'sell' the new conversation tools to businesses, be they our own clients or our own employers.